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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many kids/people can climb at the same time?

A. The Rockwall has a 4 person auto belay system that can be climbed on simultaneously and the Coconut Tree Climb has a 3 person auto belay system. Additional harnesses are provided so that the next climbers can be harnessed and ready to climb keeping a steady flow of activity.

Q. What is auto belay?

A. Auto belay is a safety structure that is an advanced hydraulic system that automatically lowers climbers when they let go of the trees or push off the wall. It adjusts due to the climber's weight, between 40-250 lbs (18-113kg) to provide a slow and safe ride back to the ground.

Q. How many kids per hour can climb?

A. The Rockwall can accommodate around 60 kids/people per hour and the Coconut Tree Climb can accommodate around 45 kids/people assuming each person climbs the wall twice.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Absolutely! We are fully insured, a benefit not commonly offered by other portable wall companies. We carry 2 million dollars in liability insurance and can list you as additional insured on our policy.

Q. Can the wall or tree be used as a fundraiser?

A. Yes. Our staff is fully capable and familiar in working with organizations to collect tickets, punch passes, or cash during the event, allowing the wall to be used as a successful activity for any fundraiser. Additionally, clients frequently charge climber’s a small fee that can be used to help pay for the rental.

Q. Can the Rock Wall or Coconut Tree Climb be set up indoors?

A. Yes. We will need access via a large garage door and a roof of at least 30’ high.

Q. Are you licensed to operate in Massachusetts?

A. Yes we are licensed to operate in Massachusetts. We are also insured in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut. We are willing to travel anywhere and can obtain a local license if your state is not listed. Our operators are NAASRO certified which is a nationally recognized amusement safety and training license.

Q. What is your weather policy?

A. We cannot operate in the rain. You can cancel due to inclement weather only, as long as we are notified 24 hours before your event. You can reschedule your event in the next 60 days based on availability. If it rains while in route to the event, the full balance is due.

Q. How long does it take to set up?

A. As long as the set up area is clear, set up usually takes 45 minutes. When operating in Massachusetts a state inspector will review the set up of the wall and this takes an additional 20-30 minutes. We typically arrive 2 hours prior the start time of an event so we are ready to have you climb on time!

Q. Can you customize the wall or tree?

A. Absolutely! The Rockwall has several areas on both sides of the wall and on the top of the wall that can accommodate banners. We can help design your banner and secure the banners to the wall. The Coconut Tree can have custom vinyl backdrops changed out behind the trees. It can be a different theme like a jungle, beach, dessert or even a backdrop highlighting your company brand. Check out our gallery for some samples.

Q. What type of area is required?

A. 10 ft wide, 30 ft long, 24 ft clear height. A Flat surface, grass or pavement is best!

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